APSC 150 Quiz 1

It’s February and we’re a month into second term. We had our first major assessment this week in the form of the first APSC 150 quiz. (If you by any chance are reading this because you’re stressed for the quiz, trust me, you’re way overstressing by leaps and bounds.) APSC 150 is a mandatory engineering course at UBC covering general engineering principles from four different sections; Things I wish I knew as a student, Chemical Reaction Car, Mining and the Environment, Advanced Materials for Commercial for Aircraft Structures. Each case has a final quiz consisting of 20 multiple choice questions and account for 10% of our total grade.

I was really treating the quiz as a midterm of sorts because of its large grade weight, but really the “quiz” was hardly even qualified to be called that. It was a complete joke! The quiz was an exact copy of the practice quiz posted up online!! The couple hours I spent memorizing procedures, like the Life Cycle Assessment and the Stakeholder Analysis, turned out to be completely unnecessary. There was instead even a question on why we shouldn’t talk during lectures. Really, this is the first time in all my life that I finished a quiz for which we were allotted an hour in under five minutes. I appreciated the easiness but I think even actually felt a bit annoyed at how overly easy the quiz. It caught me off-guard. Anyway, I’m just hoping that the rest of the midterms can be even a fifth as easy as the APSC 150 quiz.

Here’s to a great second term!