A productive Thursday

Today, I gave my blog a makeover! I’m finding this theme to be much nicer to display my comicdoodlewhatsits on than the old one. Also, I now have a comics page where you can find ALL the comicdoodlewhatsits I’ve ever posted. Huffah!

I also cleaned my desk (which is actually just a wobble card table in the corner of my room), made more Active Health flashcards (for my KIN 103 course), and started on my chemistry lab report (wooo…). One pat on the back for Courtney!

On the first day of Reading Break…

Today I slept in until past 12, for the first time in weeks. And then I just lay in my bed, awake, for an hour. In that time I listened to some Tegan and Sara, played a few games of Tetris, and had a Skype call with my Berkeley boy. All the while snuggled under my thick duvet. It was awesome.

For lunch, I made myself a sandwich of avocados, havarti cheese, pre-sliced turkey breast, random greens, and a chipotle sauce, squished between white bread (which was actually just that special type of brown bread disguised as white bread. You know what I’m talking about). Mmmf, so good.

Here comes the part I’m not so proud of. I sat on the couch and watched PVR’d episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and then I moved to the kitchen table to watch The Powerpuff Girls Movie and Pokemon the Movie: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice. They were bad. So, so bad. But I watched them anyways.

It’s all the fault of gifs. the gifs prompted me to do it.

The rest of the day passed in a flurry of food (barbecued chicken for dinner!) and fangirl-ing over stuff from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Oh my goodness, there is nothing to dislike about the whole project!

Anyways, I’m promising myself now that the rest of my Reading Break won’t pass by in the same unproductive manner. No matter how good it feels in the present, I’m sure I’ll regret it by the time Saturday rolls around. I’ve got to make the most of it!

Reading Break :)

Hiya. It’s been a while since I last blogged and I think I can only blame my poor time management skills. I was faced with a horrifying combination of deadlines and back to back midterms but thankfully it’s all over now. The well-deserved reading break is here and all the tough times traversed only makes me feel that much better. Well after a month and a half since the beginning of 2012, I can safely say that engineering second term is definitely more difficult than the first. Even if I were to balance my workload evenly through the two terms, there would just be more to do in second term with the two physics and math courses. (If you’re a potential first year engineer reading this, then do yourself a favor and stack your first term. This way you can laugh at your friends when they’re studying for two back-back midterms and working on an English 112 assignment worth 15% of their grade.) The midterms themselves went fine, but this was achieved at the cost of my involvement and checking-out-new-events time. Anyway, studies are really really the last thing I want to talk about at the moment. Six more days of reading break left and there isn’t a lack of things to do. I can actually feel my fire of motivation starting to sizzle up again and I’m getting positive vibes about the next couple months. Let’s see where things end up. Time to catch up on all the Linsanity I’ve been missing out on.