By Jove, I’ve think I’ve lost it

I really can’t seem to post anything without a picture in it. I thought I’d try coming up with blog posts without photos, but I can’t seem to. So here’s a picture.

I took it earlier this morning when the sun was rising. My window faces west, so it’s not uncommon for the clouds to be nice pinkish, purplish, yellowish, orangish colours when the light form the early morning sun bounces off them. Story behind this shot? I woke up at about 7am and saw the colours outside my window. I thought to myself “hey that would be a nice photo” so I grab my iPhone and take a picture using that. I feel satisfied and then immediately fall back to sleep. I wake up and go through the whole day having forgotten I had taken a photo in the morning and then open up my photo library on my phone and voila, there it is. My only response to seeing it “When the heck did I take this?” Of course, it takes me about 5 minutes before I remember it was in the morning. Lack of sleep does that to you.

These days, there has been more of an exploration of the “artsy fartsy” side (as I like to call it). Music, poetry (slam poetry in particular), photography, and writing; just to name a few. It’s great fun, but also depressing. I always get thrown back into “reality” about my History and Poli Sci classes. They can be interesting, but there’s that satisfaction you get from working on projects that are more creative and/or have more instant results that you just don’t usually get from academics. Unless of course, you’re thing is academia. In which case, please enjoy yourself and get that gratification from working on it.

I’ve started to prefer not talking about myself when blogging, but I’ve also started to find it hard to blog often about other topics. Perhaps I’ve just been too piled under various things that have been going on. Both a mixture of good and bad. I need to write more photography essays (more on the philosophical side). Anywho, since I can’t think of anything else to talk about at this point I’ll just lay out what I’m taking for this term.

SCAN 100-Beginner’s Swedish
RUSS 100-Beginner’s Russian (I do hope by the time you got here you eyebrows went up; those of you who have read my blog before should know that I took German and French last year)
HIST 402C-History of the US and Europe from 1940s onwards
HIST 402D-History of Asian Warfare
POLI 101-The Canadian Regime

To be honest, I cannot imagine what my ideal schedule would be. Russian and Swedish would definitely still be on the list. Heck, my ideal schedule would probably include Italian and Danish. For reals. I really do enjoy learning different languages and if it weren’t for the fact that I’m currently a Poli Sci Major, I would probably have 4 languages on my course list. Where that would get me is totally beyond me, but if I didn’t need to care I probably wouldn’t. I do wish I explored the various degrees available with more detail much earlier, however it’s pretty difficult to understand what’s going on when you’re in first year or second year. Wanna know my academic goal? Of course you don’t. I’ll tell you anyway, just like how I’ll tell you where I live.

My goa nowl is to do a double major in Poli Sci and International Relations (somewhat redundant, but that’s why I want to do it and assuming I can get into the IR program) and, if possible, a minor in Philosophy. I only need 15 more credits (5 courses) to do it and might as well right? I enjoyed taking 300 level philosophy courses back in my first year. Yes, I did. And it wasn’t because I was crazy. I do believe I mentioned this somewhere before, but I can’t say it enough. Taking Philosophy 335 noticeably changed my life for the better. You can’t say that about very many courses you take unfortunately.

You know what I think? Philosophy should be a mandatory requirement in the Faculty of Arts. But that’s just me. I’ll end it here and also with a song. Go listen to it for it is from 2000 which seems like quite a while ago these days. I danced to it in public. You should too. And by dance, I meant I made a complete fool out of myself. So yeah. Do it.