I’ll leave this as an archive of my first year – if you want to read more from me (I don’t know why?) check out my new blog: https://angeladai1.wordpress.com/ 

Fears are crashing ocean waves. What differentiates an outstanding student from other students is that they approach the waves, create a plan to leave the shore and embrace the rocky journey towards their destination.

That’s what I had written on my cover letter for the award application, I’d love to leave you with this in my final post on this blog.


So I looked up my last semester’s goals for this term…

  • Participate in a case competition
    • IF PVCC VC simulation counts, then it happened. Otherwise, didn’t get JDC west academic or attend other case comps…
  • Learn to master an interview
    • This is still a work in progress. I still am internally dying during interviews, and I really didn’t do well for COMM 202 interview. It was very stressful. I was very awkward. But, we all start from somewhere, and because I’m not a naturally talkative and loud person, I have room to grow~
  • Find some sort of plans for the summer – internship? Figure out what to study for (CSC, GMAT if I’m considering an MBA?)
    • Taking summer classes instead. Still incredibly upset at myself for dropping FA by accident, but to put it in perspective, I don’t need to take the course now.
  • Get that 4.0 (4.33??? :O) GPA if possible
    • With that math final? Probably not happening. My time management skills went to the trash when trying to balance two finals in a row, and I ultimately can’t do anything about that either.
  • In the long term, after I figure out if I will pursue Finance or not, I’d really like to make myself as appealing as possible for the PMF program… but those are some thin, thin, thin chances of me getting in.
    • PMF program is not the end all be all. I’m not sure if I want to do research, more interested in financial advising. We’ll see, but going for second year rep has definitely put my name out there? Hmm.

Technically I didn’t “succeed” in any goal at all! How hilarious!

But wow, first year is over? This year has been absolutely phenomenal. So many ups, so many downs, and so much learning.

If you told me a year ago not only did I not have to worry about Sauder admission and that I’d not just survive but the UGO would decide to give me an award, I would have cried in joy right then and there because IB exams were stressing me out so much in April and I wasn’t admitted anywhere.

Also, if you told me that I would humiliate myself during interviews, pretty much fail a final, and accidentally drop courses, I would have been incredibly annoyed with myself.

I am so, so thankful that Sauder did decide to admit me because I am honestly in love with the culture here. People work hard and play harder. I felt lonely at first, but I’ve made such great friends here that I can rely on when I don’t feel that I can believe myself.

Because I’m a more reserved, quieter person, I still am really surprised when people ask me if I’m Angela. Granted, running for elections means that I have to put myself out there (and I want to!) so that I can properly represent people and that I am always open to listen to suggestions for CUS. But I’m not a completely nobody? I’m not a stranger? That’s such a … weird thing for me still. I’m just a derp after all?

The best thing out of first year is that I fully understand the UBC motto, tuum est. It’s yours.

Your destiny, your life, it’s for YOU to create.

YOU decide how kind you will be to yourself.

YOU decide how much to study, how much to party.

YOU decide what to eat, how much to exercise.

YOU decide how many good friendships to keep and how many toxic friendships to cut.

The best thing about university and being an adult is that you’re in control of your life. YOU also decide how much you’ll negotiate with your parents on how independent or reliant you’ll be as your relationship changes.

Realising that I have complete autonomy over what I do is a very powerful thing. I can be aware of the pressures around me, but I choose how to deal with them.

You are the person who gives yourself permission to have power. 

One part of me worries that I’ll plateau and fall from here. I worry that I’ll be a disappointment of a rep, and that in comparison, I’m not committing myself as I did this year. I’m not going for the harder programs, getting the higher marks, etc.

Another part of me is excited. Excited to follow my own paths and strengths. Doing the things that I want to do, not things that just make people think of me in awe. I’m excited to learn more about public speaking but also VERY NERVOUS. I’m excited to meet faculty and other staff who are working to improve Sauder in the various committees, whether academic or even for our building.

Do I wish that I lived on residence? Sometimes. But I would not have been able to meet some of my closest friends on the bus, and I’ve had some of the best conversations with my parents on the car ride to Bridgeport station.

Except for my math final, I feel that I’ve left first year really really happy.

Thank YOU, to everyone who has read my posts and commented, and also people who just message me saying they found my mind dumps to be interesting and insightful! I usually hide a lot of these types of thoughts beneath the surface in conversation, since I always fall back on listening rather than talking. I don’t know how to bring these things up in conversation???

Thank you UBC Blog Squad for letting me share these experiences and giving me a space to reflect!

See you on my new blog!


Coffee on Campus: Mercante

Hello! I’m proud to introduce a new series on the blog: Coffee on Campus! I will be exploring and reporting on all the hidden gems and coffee stops on campus, so you don’t have to waste any precious time or money. You know, just to help you out. First up in the series is: Mercante!


Location: A bit out of the way for the typical ” direct from bus-loop to Nest” go-er, Mercante is tucked away in the corner of Ponderosa Commons, at 6488 University Boulevard.

Hours: On weekdays, you can grab your latte as early as 7:30, and as late as midnight. The hours change up a bit on weekends, when they are open 10 AM – 10 PM.

Staff: The very friendly and hardworking staff are adamant on keeping the line moving and making sure you get your order as fast as possible. Just remember your number (it will be on your receipt or told to you) and you will have no problems whatsoever.

Food: Mercante is best known for its food, has some of the best on campus. The pizzas (cooked in a stone pizza oven!) and pastas are the affordable comfort food that dreams are made of. They also serve breakfast and have a variety of adult beverages for you to enjoy.

Drink: Mercante has one of the best lattes on campus, hands down. Don’t let the extra foam and light colour fool you, the strong espresso has a deep taste with a hint of chocolate, which makes it seem as if the tiramisu became a decadent drink. There’s no bitter aftertaste which makes it a smooth latte that you can enjoy. Another easy-sipping factor is that the milk isn’t brought to a high temperature. Downside: The latte goes cold more quickly than some of its counterparts. Upside: you can drink it as quickly as you want, without fear of losing your tongue in a terrible scalding hot coffee related accident.

Price: A small 14 oz. latte will take $3.62 out of your pocket.

Find out all the info you’ll need at: http://www.food.ubc.ca/place/mercante/

Be sure to follow along on Twitter and Instagram @elizabethlately, or at #ubccoffeeoncanpus for pictures, and which coffee will be featured next!

​ Let’s see what I learned at the SLC


Absolutely grateful that I learned that the SLC exists and that I went to the conference today!! I didn’t have many expectations going into the conference, but this completely exceeded whatever I thought I was going to learn today!
  1. Got to know a friend better today! Thank you Julianne for spending time with me all day, being OK with me calling your like half an hour before the conference to ask where you were and sharing this day of self discovery and reflection with me! It was so great getting to chat with you and learn about both you and myself as well!
  2. Learned that entrepreneurship is not just a business option, but is vital for change. I still do not necessarily consider myself an entrepreneur, and being in Sauder without having a startup, I don’t feel like I am an entrepreneur and that isn’t an option I am considering. However, the entrepreneurial spirit of taking risks is essential for change.
  3. I need to think hard about who I am and what my values are. I’ve sprinted ever since coming into first year seeking jobs, ECs, etc quite frankly, to not fall behind. Almost being rejected by sauder made me so fearful I felt like I had to try to plan steps ahead and fill up my resume so that I was impressive enough to get to “success” — financial security. Financial security is still incredibly important but I need to figure out why I am running. Now I know that I can sprint, but as San Thiara said, life is a marathon. I need to figure out what I want from life first, but also still be open to some opportunities. And I can change my own personal values as I’m growing, I’m not limited by my current self!
  4. It is not selfish to do only what is in alignment with what you do. Too often I listen too much to the noise and pressures that surround me because I do not yet understand who I am.
There are so many new opportunities springing up and I must figure out which ones align with what I am interested in and not pursue opportunities just because they sound good. Thus, another goal for 2017 is to figure out what my current values are and self-reflect often to understand how I am doing and what I am learning through the experience around me.

If you went to SLC, please feel free to share your opinions on it!

Welcome Back! Crush 2017 with UBC

Happy New Year, you fine UBC champ! The start of the new semester is always a fresh start, and whether you know it or not, that fresh start is exactly what you need. We’ve all been there: making resolutions that you stay for about a week, and then slowly life gets back to what it was before. Creating new habits for yourself is hard, there’s no denying it, but there are countless services, people, and activities that can help you take baby steps in your personal and professional goals. Whether you made resolutions or are just interested in better yourself, a good start is to make sure to utilize UBC for all the resources it can offer. Surprisingly, there are a lot of them.

If you want to get more social, check out Frosh Fest:
AMS presents Frosh Fest, from January 9th – 13th, and you’re going to want to get to some of the events. If you like Wine and Painting, then “Pastels and Pinot” is for you! Is Hockey more your style? The week ends with a bang, with UBC’s Winter Classic game on January 13th. There’s a pre and after party, so the night is sure to be filled with the opportunities to make new friends.
Also remember to pop by the Student Life and Sustainability Centre to check out club events. It’s the best way to not only make new friends and hone those social skills is by joining a club on campus.

Slay those health Goals! Try some free fitness classes:
Every semester, UBC REC offers a free week of fitness classes so you can try and see what interests you, all while you get healthier and have fun doing it. Everything from yoga to kickboxing to dance classes are offered. http://www.recreation.ubc.ca/home-page/free-week/

Stay sane this semester with the Health and Wellness Crew:
Pay a visit to the Student Services Centre, located at 1874 East Mall. They have resources to help you with every factor of your life, whether it be mental health, financial freedom, or just getting more balance into your life. As a student, they understand that there can be what seems to be overwhelming amounts of doubt and stress; and they are here to help you deal with that. The friendly staff will definitely help you get in touch with the best services UBC has to offer.

Get your Career on track!
First, make sure to get your academic goals on track. Your grades and major help to lay the foundation for your career. An academic advisor can help you find interesting and valuable courses, as well as send you along your way with connections into the faculty. After you’ve got that on track, your next step is to get your career into high gear.

Welcome back, and remember to have fun in 2017!

How to get into UBC

Get good grades. Other people may tell you that extracurriculars are more important than good grades but I believe that good grades are the most important. You’re trying into get into an institution of higher education so you should demonstrate with good grades that you will be capable of handling the huge amount of learning […]