Some thoughts on the digital and the critical in English language learning

I remember in 1996 my brother and I would turn on a computer and run Microsoft Outlook program all night just to get one email from my mother who was in Rhode Island at that time, but if I try explaining that to my 4-year-old nieces, they would think it is one of the fairy … Continue reading Some thoughts on the digital and the critical in English language learning

New year for PhoneMe Project

I am very excited about continuing my work on PhoneMe Project. Last year we established great connections at UBC Learning Exchange and located over 100 poems  on our interactive map. This year we are moving to Vancouver Public Library, nə́c̓aʔmat ct Strathcona Branch, where we will be using Bud Osborn Creation Space to create poetic audio albums! 

Coffee & Cocktails Episode 3: Translanguaging in Senegal

Originally posted on Coffee & Cocktails:
Two academics, Samantha Goodchild and Miriam Weidl, from SOAS, University of London discuss their research with Dr Ann Wand regarding translanguaging practices in two Senegalese villages in the Casamance region and how their research can be used to understand how language learning can develop thanks to local mobility practices.…

Knowledge Mobilization inAction: My TEDx Audition

This post in part rant, part reminisce with some comparison. Knowledge mobilization: a rant A while ago my friend Ernesto wrote a blog post Knowledge Mobilization and Interdisciplinarity: A rant. In this post he criticized academia’s obsession with knowledge mobilization and the shallow rhetoric  of interdisciplinarity.  Ernesto rightfully called out our educational system that ‘talks the … Continue reading Knowledge Mobilization inAction: My TEDx Audition

Phone Me: Build Something Within a 100 steps

PhoneMe Project creates a public platform and amplifies the voices of community members through poetry. The poems created as a part of this project are recorded live on mobile phones and are uploaded to a secure server. Using an automated process of posting phone calls, we hope to make it possible for people perform and record … Continue reading Phone Me: Build Something Within a 100 steps

Phone Me: Blackout Poetry

PhoneMe is a project implemented by Digital Literacy Centre at UBC Learning Exchange in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES). Our team is working with the poets living in the DTES to confront the negative stereotypes about this neighbourhood as a place of despair. As they walk the streets of the DTES, project participants record poems by … Continue reading Phone Me: Blackout Poetry

PhoneMe: creating poems together

Today is week seven of the PhoneMe project, that Digital Literacy Centre is developing together with the UBC Learning Exchange. The project brought together a wonderfully talented group of people who meet every Friday at 1.30pm and write, read and celebrate the beauty of the spoken word and the power it has to transform the lives in the … Continue reading PhoneMe: creating poems together