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Hi there! I’m Bonney, in case you can’t tell by my username.

I have lived in Vancouver for my whole life; but I am still horrible at getting to places via transit. I always end up getting lost and having to ask random people for directions.

I have two cats; one of whom is sitting on me right now. If anyone else here has cats: do they do this thing where they sit  in the most inconvenient places? Like, you’re watching TV and then they just come up and sit right in front of you, blocking your line of sight. Cats are jerks. Adorable jerks, but jerks nonetheless.

I’m really looking forward to reading and discussing all the course material! There were never many opportunities to discuss what we were learning in my high school classes, and that’s always something I’ve loved doing. I’m also hoping to get better at citations, because I’m still not that good at that.



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