Boutique 7jo

If you think all online boutique clothing and accessory companies are the same, it’s time to think again. Here at boutique we specialise in seeking out merchandise for both him and her which is, shall we say, hard to find, and on the more unusual side.


While we specialise in boutique clothing for the truly fashion conscious, all our items have that certain something extra, something which makes them stand out when in a crowd. You won’t find any of our range in the windows of your local high street shops.

Our range includes casual everyday wear, dresses, tops, slacks, and jackets. From casual weekend wear, to elegantly styled pieces for those who wish to make a fashion statement, to the latest design trends for those special occasions. It’s all here at boutique . Even our range of working apparel for both office and the shop floor, has that little something different so enjoyed by the young and trendy.

To complement our comprehensive clothing range we offer a big selection of hand and shoulder bags in a wide variety of styles, and an equally large selection of modern fashion jewellery from necklaces to rings to bangles and bracelets. All are available at extremely competitive prices from boutique 7jo.

With our catalogue sourced from unique designers and manufacturers, if you are a small retailer, market stall holder or online store, we offer you the chance to offer something uniquely different to the consumer. Using our easy to navigate boutique 7jo website, picking and tracking your purchases couldn’t be easier, the more you buy the greater the discount, equalling more profit for you.

Using worldwide shipping agents such as DHL and Fedex we are able to ship goods worldwide quickly, safely, and most cost effectively, to wherever you are.

If you’ve not heard of us before, now is a good time to browse our online boutique. With our diverse product range not found at other online stores you have the chance to increase your product span with quality goods unavailable elsewhere. With prices that will make your eyes water, and fast efficient shipping, can you afford not to?