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Culture Jam Assignment – Brandon Kondolay

This advertisement for the men’s clothing brand Duncan Quinn is a relevant example of the consumer society we live in today. Advertisements are incorporated within the many different forms of media we consume on a daily basis, making them a part of our everyday lives. This specific ad demonstrates the kind of shocking images we consume throughout our lives, therefore affecting our thoughts, behaviours, and thus the individuals we are.

This photograph symbolizes male dominance over females, and the power that these men thus possess. The photo depicts a man with complete control over a woman: the tie being used as a leash around her neck (the most significant feature of the ad), the submissive position that the female model is in when compared to the man towering over her, the focus on the woman’s body while simultaneously showing disregard for her face, the clear disinterest for the woman by the man, and the expensive suit a long with the convertible signifying the power that men with money and success can have over women. All of these components form an influential advertisement with a concerning message; women are mere sexual objects when compared to the dominance of men. Men and women viewing this image and other similar advertisements are subjected to the promotion of this idea in order for a company to stimulate their brand.

This perfectly showcases the consumer culture we are being controlled by through the variety of messages that are being fed to us in this ecology of advertising. Duncan Quinn is promoting their brand by celebrating the idea of male dominance over women as a trendy and fashionable statement. Male viewers of this advertisement may associate this sexist behaviour with dominance and success, and females may believe that this objectification of women is accepted and even promoted by society; causing them to consciously or subconsciously think and behave in a similar manner. The usage of ads with distinct messages is ingrained into our society, with many of these ideas having negative effects on the people we become.

After culture jamming the Duncan Quinn advertisement, the image illustrates a completely different meaning. Rather than promoting the domination of women by objectifying them, the ad now displays a dark truth. It showcases the disgusting messages that surround the advertisements we are exposed to. This image represents the blatant sexism towards women that the original advert and similar ads promote. The usage of these powerful words make exactly what is going on very clear. A woman is being sexualized and dehumanized in order for it to seem acceptable for the man to display his dominance over her through objectification. No longer does this image represent a successful man demonstrating his power over a helpless woman. Rather, it showcases a sexist individual controlling another human being through societal issues that are consistently being promoted by such advertisements/images.

No human should be represented in the way that the original advert depicts. All humans are equal and thus all humans should be treated with dignity, respect, and humanity. The culture jammed image promotes this idea by refuting the original photo’s attempt at discriminating against a marginalized group. Not only does this new advert fight against the oppression of women, but of all groups that face injustice at the hands of the discriminatory beliefs and actions plaguing our planet. This image promotes feminism and combats inequality by shedding light on the terrifying images and messages that consciously or subconsciously affect the human beings inhabiting our world. Culture jamming is an effective way of demonstrating the ideas that companies direct towards consumers. Through this process, individuals can recognize the harmful information they are ingesting and therefore think twice about the images they view on a daily basis. By using culture jamming and other forms of media disruption, we can fight against this consumer culture that controls so many aspects of our lives.