Duopoly is like, so Web 1.0

There’s only a Technorati breeze blowing right now, but I suspect it will be a gale soon enough — Blackboard has acquired WebCT (they call it a merger, you decide). I can’t say I have much to add to the general chorus of disbelief and confusion… although there is a certain inescapable logic to the process, it seems to have taken everyone by surprise.

It will be interesting to observe how the open source community responds to the new reality. And will a Microsoft of the LMS provoke a broader backlash on campuses? I suspect there will be a lot of overtime being put in by the marketing types.

As it happens, I will be in Orlando during the press conference they have scheduled for October 18th, though I won’t be blogging it live (oh darn). I’m going to be co-delivering a preconference seminar on portfolios and social software. So I will even miss the “mergercast” (doesn’t that term inspire confidence?)…

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  1. Leon Lighips says:

    There’s nothing “confusing” about this, chum — the reason nobody saw this coming is because a titan never reveals his business plan to the unwashed blogetariat. Rest assured this is only the beginning of my assimilation assault.

    I bet you wish you’d taken me up on my generous offer from months gone by, eh? Let’s do lunch in Orlando: I have a proposition for you. I need a lackey. Someone dull, plodding, unimaginative and obedient. Someone to clean my pool, and fetch me things. You’d be perfect.

  2. Brian says:

    Yes, let’s meet in Orlando. I’d very much like it if you repeated that offer to me in person.

  3. Phil Wilson says:

    Actually, I’d recommend IceRocket’s results, because they give the same or better results than Technorati and you can subscribe to them using RSS (which doesn’t appear to be available with Technorati’s search results).


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