The network delivers the goods

You never know what might happen when you make a blanket appeal for feedback, such as I did in the run-up to the blogs and wikis talk tomorrow night at the VPL. People are busy, and I asked some deceptively difficult questions.

I’m simply overwhelmed by the responses I’ve gotten back. Within minutes I got a trackback from Germany (wish I’d paid a bit more attention in my high school classes). Christopher Sessums contributed some notes toward what became a pretty groovy wiki-based presentation of his own, demonstrating how to be tremendously supportive of others while working to achieve one’s own objectives. Vicki Davis pointed to an array of wonderful multimedia she is using with her students, it’s easy to see why this work was named Wikispace of the month last December.

Kyle, from UBC’s Sci-Team Wiki Team offered support and some great commentary on the presentation wiki.

Then Leigh Blackall, who as I’ve noted previously knows a thing or two about knowledge sharing and fabulous presentations, wrote a Sessums-like tour de force post on his blog, chock-full of insight.

A few friends also joined the party. Alan commented with supportive sentiment and some fine verbiage on the nature of distributed conversation that will be lifted verbatim. Like Leigh, he offered some particularly thoughtful bits on where the tools are going. Scott chimed in with a good analogy and a quote (from a band that hails from my birthplace) that will make a perfect epigraph.

Margot McNeil also offered some good comments. And Jean Mason Joan Vinall-Coxreposted some very fine feedback on using Jotspot into the presentation wiki, and pointed to one of George Siemens many pertinent posts.

The outcome — heaps of useful material, and a fairly strong demonstration of the power of the medium. What I found especially cool is that I have only met a few of these contributors before. I am profoundly grateful.

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