Open soürce beer füels stüdent activism

Moral instruction on the bus...

I get on the bus this morning, and learn from an advert that people need to be reminded to give a “heads up” if they see someone leave something on their seat. The dispiriting part is that I don’t doubt such a notice is needed.

So it was somehow reassuring to open the paper and read more about überbrü, which I first heard about over the holidays:

The group, made up mainly of student volunteers dedicated to organizing cultural events across the country, is launching a new microbrew in Vancouver this month, believed to be North America’s first not-for-profit beer.

But the idea behind the beverage is more complex than simply providing a new drink: The group hopes to get students talking about politics and other social issues when they gather for a brewski.

Like other student-oriented groups such as Rock the Vote, uberculture is organizing activities around the Jan. 23 [Canadian] federal election.

… The group has teamed up with Backwoods Brewing to produce the ale, which will be an “open source” beer, meaning the recipe will be available on the Internet. They’re using local ingredients for the hemp-based beer and selling only to locally owned bars in B.C.’s competitive microbrew market.

If you live in Vancouver, you can buy überbrü at The Railway, Rime, and the Foundation restaurant, which are among the coolest spots in the city — you can also get it at Wazubees, which is not.

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