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One wonderful perk to working at UBC is the calibre of guest speakers the University is able to bring on for talks and workshops. This Friday is yet another humdinger, as Helen Chen from Stanford pays a visit:

Opportunities for Reflection and Community-Building Using Emerging Technologies

How can we identify and build opportunities for students to effectively reflect upon and integrate formal and informal learning experiences in a language and format that is relevant to how today’s students understand and live their lives? Drawing from examples from Stanford’s Folio Thinking research program and the work of the National Coalition on Electronic Portfolio Research, this session will engage participants in an interactive discussion about theoretical models for framing ePortfolio design and research, the potential contributions of the ePortfolio model to assessment and scholarship of teaching and learning efforts, and scaffolding and facilitating reflective thinking using wikis, blogs, and other social software technologies.

More info and registration here

I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Helen at a couple of conferences, and I really like the way she approaches these issues. Yet another great session I will miss due to my scary supersecret mission, on which I embark tomorrow.

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