Van Rock City news: garbage yard block party!

Salvage or looting? Garbage yard!

At some point last week our elderly neighbours across the back lane ceased their residency. No idea what happened. What I do know is that a small pile of garbage left behind in the yard has signaled the clarion call heard by all:

Garbage yard!

A couple days ago we noticed people pitching pails of trash into the yard, and since then the flow of refuse has snowballed. Yesterday we started seeing discarded appliances, and when the sun went down last night trucks and vans began arriving. At one point there was a lineup of vehicles in the alley waiting their turn to unload. One particularly bold family started hacking at the deck looking for usable wood, carting off the stairs and railings, rifling through the shed, carrying it all off on their cart to their house down the block.

The yard is abuzz with activity — some dumping, others picking through the debris looking for goodies. It sure is fun when everybody gets together for a garbage yard!

Garbage yard!

Update: Looks like the party’s over. This morning there was a group of people who entered the house, and engaged fairly openly in pre-demolition type activities. Either they are there on behalf of the legitimate owners, or they are a band of brazen yet methodical looters. Given my unbounded faith in humanity, I prefer to believe the former.

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