Do you use Internet Explorer? Do you enjoy suffering?

Get Firefox

This is hardly a novel point of view, but I simply have to pile on my share of dirt to the dessicated corpse of web nastiness that is the Internet Explorer browser. By all accounts it is still the most popular choice out there, which is truly disturbing. Firefox is an open source alternative that is superior in every respect, and that is before you you start in on the universe of extensions (or forked alternatives such as the very promising Flock).

Why this highly unoriginal post, and why now? As Alan mentioned in his wrap-up post, during our workshop IE users had a terrible time with just about every activity, from adding bookmarklets (IE users required to download and install a .exe file!) to using the wonderful Flickrlilli search of Creative Commons licensed images (which was completely non-functional in IE). No exaggeration, at least half of the personal help that participants needed was directly attributable to this browser.

So today, while prepping for the social software session at the upcoming BCcampus Spring Workshop, I took a moment to write the organizers and request Firefox be installed on every machine (naturally, they were already on it). IE has gone from being a nuisance to a full-blown liability.

Use Firefox. Use Safari. Use Opera. Use Lynx. Donate your computer to a worthy charity and use paper and pen. But please move away from IE.

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