Instructional music mash-up, and my inability to learn alone

My buddy Rob is always good for throwing me groovy web video links — I could probably maintain a decent blog just ripping him off. A couple weeks back he turned me on to this inspired mash-up of three instructional music videos by Kel McKeown:

A fine example of recombinant inspiration lifting the ordinary into the realm of the extraordinary.

No shortage these days of useful online resources for someone trying to learn an instrument. YouTube and Google Video are awash in instructional video goodies, there’s a wealth of pages that transcribe even obscure songs. My present attempt to learn “Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes” by Kevin Ayers off a tab-sheet is hampered by my inability to perform basic manuevers on the fretboard, and to feel between lines/dots of the chord-changes. Trying to teach myself guitar this past year has provided me with boundless humility and some insight into my own processes of learning, the pros and cons of mechanisms for informal self-instruction. Too bad that I still suck.

What I find myself wanting is some means of online social interaction that might begin to replicate the vastly superior learning experience of sitting down with a patient, friendly musician willing to share a few licks and tips. Maybe I should just get out more.

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