“old skool phunk” — mixtapes then and now at ArtCamp

OldSkool Phunk

So far ArtCamp has been fun, if a little conferencelike for my liking. That was my same problem with Moose Camp. Can we do something besides talk at an unconference?

Not that the talks haven’t been good. I liked Kelly Churko’s riff on Japanese Noise music (pleasant surprise to see him here, met him at a party about six years ago). I am having difficulty processing all of Richard Wright’s conceptual loops on imagery and text, but it’s some kind of far-out work — such as The Mimeticon, a “Baroque search engine”.

Hopefully our own contribution will break the talk and gawk pattern a bit. It was a blast throwing together our materials on mixtapes with Jason and James last night, literally immersed in the media form, surrounded on all sides by James’s awe-inspiring collection of vintage high-end boomboxes and audiophile metal cassettes (which haven’t been manufactured in over a decade). The cumulative effect is so overwhelming it borders on disturbing, as James cheerfully acknowledges. We’ve got a few of James’s prize ghettoblasters here, so if nothing else our session will be augmented by portable sonic phun. And Jason’s research gives us a solid foundation to build on…

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