What’s your favorite (educational) online video? Nominations are open!


Update: thanks for the response to this post, collected at http://video.learningparty.net – feel free to add more clips to the master list of nominations.

As Northern Voice was wrapping up, Jim Groom, D’Arcy Norman and myself got talking about fun things to do in lieu of standard conference presentations. We bashed around the idea of a ‘video dance party’ — essentially eschewing the presentation part of the presentation and just playing our favorite online videos. The night being what it was, we decided to slightly legitimize the approach for immediate submission to the uncannily appropriate NMC Online Conference on the Convergence of Web Culture and Video.

We knew we needed a bit of extra intellectual muscle to make it work, so we approached Gardner Campbell and begged him for assistance. Within a matter of hours, yet another arbitrary awards program had been born: The Web 2.0 Online Learning Film Festival!

My colleagues and I have designated ourselves as Festival Jurors. From what we hope will be an avalanche of nominations we intend to select a 45 minute program, adding bits of commentary, analysis, trash talk and awards. (All legitimate nominations will be included on a supplementary program.) We intend to use Mojiti (which allows for annotation of online videos) to facilitate the communication of juror and audience input. We will argue about discuss our respective choices during our NMC online presentation on Wednesday, March 21, and when the conference wraps up we’ll open up the discussion to the wider web world.

We need your nominations.

Please pass on your favorite educationally themed online video clips to me or one of the other jurors —Jim, Gardner, or D’Arcy (who is presently offline on a beach or biking down a volcanic mountain or something, but will be back in time). We are looking for works that meet the following criteria:

* They should be awesome.
* They need to be publicly available online (ie does not need to be YouTube).
* Shorter clips will be easier to fit in the program.
* That’s about it.

Wait, what about that “educational theme” we mentioned? I don’t speak for the other jurors (I hope we will take very different approaches) but I intend to define it very broadly. Does the clip communicate a concept? Does it illustrate a principle of persuasive or informative communication? Could it work in a course, if only as an off-beat bit of colour?

Two widely circulated clips that would make excellent nominations if everybody hadn’t seen them already: Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us, and Middle Ages Tech Support (depicting the confusion caused by that newfangled book technology).

But don’t let these guidelines and examples constrain your suggestions… go wild, and submit anything (multiple selections welcome) you think would enrich the festival. By all means add a bit of explanation justifying your choice if you wish.

Now let’s video party!

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