Quickie screencast – a distributed publishing framework…

Update: Changed link to Cindy’s presentation to reflect a newer version.

For reasons I don’t entirely understand, I spent ten minutes of my vacation whipping up this screencast that describes some of UBC’s Office of Learning Technology’s work in progress toward a distributed publishing framework:

Links here.

Some additional context might be gleaned from this short set of slides assembled by my colleague Cindy Underhill.

Essentially, we are seeing how far we can push the concepts of syndication to extend reuse of content. And showing our undying love of embed code.

As an entirely relevant aside, I see that Stephen Downes’ long-awaited release of gRSShopper is here! I hope we can get the sucker installed on a demo box here soon.

And the MuTags plugin written up here by Edupunk legend Jim Groom might also be a worthy piece of the puzzle.

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