Tales of openness and serendipity: a full throated cry for help…

Spontaneous Connections, originally uploaded by cogdogblog.

I’m finishing off a short paper, but before I submit it I feel I need to incorporate some additional real-world examples that demonstrate how the power of openness combined with network effects can result in surprising and serendipitous outcomes. Readers of this blog will recognise some of the examples I intend to point to:

I have this uncanny sense that I should be able to rattle off dozens of examples of this sort of thing, but for a multitude of reasons my brain is functioning at a very low level. I intend to revisit Levine and Alexander’s EDUCAUSE Review piece on Web 2.0 storytelling, not to mention examples of the genre posted on Dr. Alexander’s blog.

I’d be grateful for any examples that might come to your mind, especially if you’ve already blogged about it (so I can reference you). And I’m particularly keen to find examples that involve student learning.

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