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Where’s the bottom-up brilliance?

opened09 – follower relations shared CC by psychemedia One of my semi-regular listens in my weekly podcast rotation is Douglas Rushkoff’s weekly show on WFMU, the Media Squat. Rushkoff describes it as “freeform, bottom-up, open-source radio dedicated to solving some … Continue reading

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Textbook torrents a-crashin’

In the Net… shared CC by ALA staff Nothing more annoying than argument by anecdote… I read a thread on Facebook where a young relative of mine posted a status message that a textbook he needed was sold out at … Continue reading

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A value proposition, basic respect, whatever…

Open Access Chalkboard shared CC by Gideon Burton An anecdote from Andre Malan’s must-read blog: I am currently working at a software company as an intern, writing a program. Now of course, as anybody who has taken Software Engineering knows (don’t … Continue reading

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RiP: A Remix Manifesto…first impressions

Thanks to Jason for scoring me a ticket to the sold-out preview showing of RiP: A Remix Manifesto, the long-awaited release from Brett Gaylor, germinating and mutating for some time over at http://www.opensourcecinema.org/. It was a fun and stimulating night … Continue reading

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I want to support the human sensemakers

The Best Show on WFMU – 2009 Marathon, originally uploaded by notladj. So it’s something of an annual ritual (see here and here) for Abject Learning to offer its meagre but heartfelt mojo to the WFMU Fundraising Marathon (background here). … Continue reading

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