Culture Jam Original Ad

                                                Original Snickers Ad

This original ad for a Snickers chocolate bar uses an interesting technique to sell the product to consumers. The slogan “you’re not you when you’re hungry” can apply to everyone – since everyone gets hungry at one point or another, so the target audience is very broad. This is also a simple yet memorable slogan that aims to emotionally identify with the consumer. I myself hear my boyfriend say I get “hangry” hungry/angry when I have had little to eat, and sometimes in that state it can be quite irritating. I can assume that the majority of people feel similar angst when hunger sets in, and by playing off of this emotion the advertisement is making the consumer believe that the ad is speaking directly to them specifically. By placing adjectives (which hold negative connotations) on the bars it is implying that when you are in a state of hunger (and without a Snickers) you are somehow less than your potential or not yourself. By targeting peoples’ insecurities (laziness, confused, dramatic etc.) the Snickers brand is insinuating that in some way you would be better off – or more of yourself – if you obtained this product. It is aiming to be a “solution” to a “problem” that many people feel as though they have when they are in a state of hunger. The style of the ad is simple – and thus creates the idea of a simple “solution” to these negatively viewed states of being (laziness etc.)

Culture Jam Altered Ad


My Jammed Version


In my jammed version of the Snickers ad I aimed to be transparent in exposing the true outcomes that would result from relying on a Snickers bar to “satisfy” you every time you are hungry. I changed the slogan to read “you’re not you when you’re impulsive” because I believe the original ad targets those in a vulnerable state (hunger) who are looking for a fast solution. However, consideration should be given to the fact that given a little extra thought (thus, not being impulsive and making emotional decisions) there are many other simple solutions to hunger that can be much more satisfying and without the negative consequences that the original ad fails to account for. I change the hashtagged slogan that originally said eat a Snickers to “eat an apple” because, in most cases, an apple is just as accessible, inexpensive, and timely to purchase and consume as a snickers bar would be. Additionally in the case of eating an apple you are avoiding many of the unappealing effects that eating candy would result in (regret, being unhealthy etc.)

I mocked the ad by altering the adjectives on the bars to reflect realistic consequences of relying on sugar based product to rejuvenate your body out of a state of hunger. In comparison to my more realistic simple “solution” to hunger that is eating an apple – eating a candy bar is lacking in nutrients and a contributor to many health issues like diabetes and obesity. Furthermore, there are consequences to the environment that are unaddressed in the original ad. The product itself produces waste (the wrapping) as compared to an apple, and it also contains soy bean oil which is a major contributor to deforestation and thus, global warming.  Ultimately, my jammed ad aims to highlights how relying on an unhealthy candy product such as this not only is void of a solution, but it is also a contributor to range of other problems.

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