About Me

A long time ago, in the summer of 1997, a boy named Bruno, soon to be nicknamed Charal, was born in a somewhat far away country called Mexico. You might have heard of it; they make nice tacos. From the very moment he was born he knew he was going to become a filmmaker, and thus his adventure began.

(Play Indiana Jones Theme Song)

Fade in from black.

(Stop Indiana Jones Theme Song)

Close-up of Bruno as he looks profoundly into the camera. With his right hand he raises what seems to be a taco “Al Pastor”.

Narrator: Bruno decided to take Arts One because it is his belief that literary and cinematic…

(Narrator is interrupted by Bruno as he crunches away to a taco)

Narrator (tries to continue):… it is his belief that literary and cinematic language have both…

(Bruno, unaware of the fact that he was being filmed gave another bite to his taco, thus interrupting the narrator again)

Unable to speak, the narrator quit his job and found out his true passion had always been underwater basket knitting.

Fade out.

Roll credits.

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