Dear Café Scientifiquers, our next café will happen on Tuesday June 25th, 7:30pm at The Railway Club.  Our speaker for the evening will be Claudia Cornwall, a science writer and author of 5 books and over 50 magazine articles.  The details of her talk are as follows:

Catching Cancer—the story of a medical revolution

We now know that 20% of cancers are caused by infections and many researchers believe that more discoveries are coming.  This is a paradigm shift that was over a hundred years in the making. It has profound implications for our ability to prevent malignancies. Claudia Cornwall’s new book, Catching Cancer: the quest for its viral and bacterial cause, is the story of the story of how it happened.   Who contributed to the change in thinking? How did investigators persuade the medical establishment to adopt their ideas? What personal qualities helped them in their struggle?  To answer these questions, the book draws on wide-ranging interviews with Nobel prize winners and other researchers.


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