Back in the land of milk bags and negative temperatures

Sam and I looking festive with the Swarovski crystal Christmas tree in the Toronto Eaton Centre

So far, my time in Ontario has consisted of catching up on all my TV shows, baking Christmas cookies, going out for dinner with my best friends, sleeping in, and spending way too much time in overcrowded malls. Oh, and watching the Leafs lose spectacularly to the Canucks on Saturday. It’s okay boys, I still love you, even if you haven’t won against Vancouver since 2003…

In other news, term 1 marks were released today. By an academic miracle, I somehow managed to get a decent mark in calculus. Thanks for having my back, math gods. Still waiting on a couple marks to come through, but for now I think I can confidently say that I made it through first term without completely failing at school and life. Go me.

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