Leanne Simpson performing “Leaks” from her literary/spoke-word book, Islands of Decolonial Love


As the world around us continuously shifts, we must endlessly relearn our place within it. As our ongoing learning and experiences shift, the way we see the world around us gathers layers of ever evolving detail and texture.
With this in mind, we need to take a closer look at the Canadian literary canon. Canada is in the midst of a radical shift. Our perspectives about Canada and as Canadians are in the midst of a radical shift. Recent events, such as Stephen Harper’s apology, then his devastating response to the Nishiyuu youth, the continuous case of The Missing and Murdered Women, and the fight against the pipelines, have brought the truth about Canada’s history and politics closer and closer to the front of peoples minds, and thus, there is much to discuss. It is with these stories, and the many, many others, in mind that we must reflect on Canadian Literature, what voices have been silenced and forgotten, what topics have been pushed behind the others, and how this has shaped the world we live in.

We hope to challenge Canadian literature boundaries.
In hopes to expand the definition of literature to include the many forms of orality, we have chosen to look at works of film, spoken word, and theater, as well as literature. Further, we will shed the traditional European literary analysis and explore said works through The Medicine Wheel Methodology. We hope this will further decolonization by not perpetuating any forms of oppression while endeavoring to ask questions that are inclusive and fruitful.

Further, in attempt to challenge heteropatriarchy, our focus will be from the feminine. In recognition of the many female voices and experiences we will explore Indigenous Feminisms in relation to mainstream Feminisms and how these relationships influence the Canadian literary canon and decolonization.

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