Conversations across time, place, and culture

In 2019, the University of British Columbia will welcome the Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting in Vancouver. The Programme Committee has selected the theme “Conversations across time, place, and culture” to encourage scholars whose work engages all manner of topics, themes, periods, locations, and methodologies to think critically about the importance of “conversations” in the creation and dissemination of historical knowledge. Historians participate in conversations with evidence, the archive, other scholars, and the public. These conversations produce our understanding of the past and broaden our understanding of the nature of historical knowledge and the power dynamics that shape it. They can reinforce, transcend and unsettle boundaries such as the limits that confine geographical, political, social, cultural, sexual, or other forms of discourse. And these conversations contribute to public debates, reaching audiences that go beyond the confines of academia and participating in the development of public history. At the same time, these conversations can also be bounded by the limits of communication, understanding, interest, or translation. The Programme Committee therefore invites scholars to see this Annual Meeting as an opportunity to reflect on all of these sorts of conversations as moments when historical knowledge is produced not simply by the lone historian, but in dialogue with sources, scholars, and audiences. This sort of reflection may, in turn, broaden our subject matter, our modes of communication, and our audiences.

The Programme Committee invites proposals in English and French from scholars working in any discipline, in any field, and in any era that address the conference theme from Canadian or non-Canadian perspectives, with a special interest in transnational and comparative proposals. It also welcomes proposals that do not specifically address the theme.

The Programme Committee strongly encourages panel submissions of three or four papers and a chair, although it also welcomes individual proposals and proposals for other session formats (such as roundtables, debates, film screenings, or public history content).

  • For complete panels, please submit the panel organizer’s contact information; a 300-word panel abstract as well as a list of all participants and anticipated AV requirements (if any); a separate 250-word abstracts for each presenter; and a one-page curriculum vitae for each participant. All these documents should be included in a single pdf document. The Programme Committee reserves the right to request additional information and modify panels if necessary.
  • For individual proposals, please submit a 300-word abstract, a one-page curriculum vitae, and the presenter’s contact information in one PDF document.

Please send your proposal to:

The deadline for submissions is October 15, 2018. No late submissions will be accepted.

Finally, please note that the Programme Committee will accept only one paper proposal per individual; presenters must be members of the Canadian Historical Association; and they must be able to attend the conference to present their papers in person.