Analysis of Original advertisement

In the late 18th century, smoking was common phenomena. As smoking became a popular movement, it has also raised a health concern. The controversy about the impact of smoking has arisen. In order to dispute the debate, cigarette companies spent a lot of money to change the negative image associated with their product through marketing. One of the marketing was advertisement poster. Among those, I have chosen advertisement poster by Lucky Strike.

The advertisement targets heavy smokers and potential smokers. The poster illustrates a doctor smiling and holding a pack of cigarettes with a statement that reads “ 20,679 Physicians say,, “ Luckies are less irritating “ “ Your Throat Protection against irritation against cough.

The advertising message of this particular one is clear and inspiring. The facial feature of how the doctor is smiling implies the person is not hostile to cigarettes and appeals to the public.  Furthermore, symbolizing smoking as a relief to cough shows it encourages smoking.

On the other side, the problematic of the poster is the prejudice of gender role and impact of professionalism. The advertisement aims to encourage smoking and relieve smokers by the fact that their product is used by Physicians. The profession impacts the viewer that it will be trustworthy and reliable. Using an image of a professional doctor, it gives the impression of safe and healthy to the viewers. In addition, appearance of male figure reflects that it was meant to target mostly to men. It implies the existence of the misconception that only males are heavy smokers and underlines the exclusion of heavy female smokers.


Analysis of Jammed advertisement

The jammed version of the ad shows a modified version of the previous advertisement poster. Changes are implanted in highlighting stereotypes and misconception associated with the poster. Instead of the existence of a male professional, I have included female as well in order to incorporate gender equality.

It is reasonable for Cigarette company to target the most potential customer which are male, but the advertisement had focused too much on men and excluded another equally.

The intention was to target the gender image when it comes to a cigarette. The common misconception that cigarette is men’s products.

After incorporating gender equality, It was crucial to address the side effect of smoking. Many smokers at that time were not aware of the harmful effects of tobacco use. The warning label was added to the advertisement poster to highlight potential risks to viewers. As, tobacco has serious side effects not only to male but unique to women, adding ‘pregnancy’ to warning label was vital.

Use of the word “ Physicians “ appeals to the viewer as positive. However, it gives the misleading image that Lucky strike is less harmful than other cigarettes. Incorporating medical professional in the advertisement gives the impression of a safe. The misuse of professionalism may impact the viewer to create a misleading image. Therefore, I have implanted a change from “ Physicians “ to “ Smokers “

In the modified version, the original intention is reaffirmed and enlighten the viewers of potential health risk.