GRSJ Video Mashup: White Beauty

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Culture Jam Assignment

Original Ad

The original ad campaign was created in 2013 for the Mic Mac Mall in Nova Scotia as part of their back to school campaign (CBC News). The ad, pictured above, is one of many ads created by the Mall attempting to equate school and education to malls and shopping. Other ads in this campaign included the following quotations: “Social Studies? Does posting new boots on Facebook Count?”, “My favourite class? Shop!” and “Beside every great woman is a great purse.”

These ads only feature women, and not men. This is harmful because it reinforces the gender stereotype that women are materialistic, only think about shopping and fashion, and do not value education or are too dumb to care. This ad about mixing patterns its particularly discouraging to young girls that enjoy science classes and may aspire to join the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field.

Furthermore, the cartoon woman in this ad, like the women in the other ads, is extremely skinny, tall, and fair-skinned. While others may say, “it’s just a cartoon,” that does not take away from the ad campaign’s complete lack of diversity; therefore, the ad not only calls women dumb, but also further reinforces a certain conception of beauty.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to spend a day wandering from shop to shop, girls are continually degraded through various advertisements, attacking either their intellect or objectifying their bodies, and too many ads, like this one, are disrespectful and simplify women as girls with only one interest and one purpose.



At first, I was only going to change some of the words, and keep the model but change what she was holding. However, I realized that the women in the ads were all very thin (which I then decided to mention above). And then I realized that the ad needed more changes than just its words, but also its model. While searching for images of female scientists, I came across Shannon Lee, the young girl in the new ad. She was the recipient of 2014’s Young Scientist Award from ISEF (Intel International Science and Engineering Fair) for her work with electrocatalysts that may be used for future batteries (Cunico 2014). I decided to change the words “mixing patterns” to “electrocatalysts” and included a picture of Shannon Lee.

Instead of focusing on shopping, and dismissing campaign’s sexist themes, my jammed ad features a topic that is actually science related, and rather than an anatomically impossible cartoon, a portrait of girl making accomplishments in her desired career field was chosen. Women comprise half of the work force in the United States, less than a quarter work in STEM-related jobs (Beede et al. 2011).The purpose of this ad is to remind young children, especially girls, and viewers of the ad that girls are not superficial minds focused on the act of shopping and lacking other aspirations.

I do want to add that although my specific jammed ad focuses on science, if I were to jam the other ads, I would of course include other subjects as they are equally important.



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