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Intensive courses

I am teaching a summer course at the moment (a 200-level course, Introduction to Moral Theory), and I have been impressed with the level of enthusiasm and engagement there is amongst the majority of the 30 or so students in the course, as well as with their philosophical insights.  I’ve been wondering why there should be so many more students who are really engaged and saying interesting things in a summer course than in the regular-term version of the same course (which I’ve taught many times).  Most likely, it has to do with the type of students who sign up for summer courses in the first place, since the major difference here is that this course is during a time when most students do not take courses, only a select few.  Why those few should be different in this regard, I can only speculate (as I am speculating in general that what I’ve seen this once might be a pattern of some kind!).

But I also wonder if there might be more to it than this, given my similar experience with a course that is also time-intensive, Arts One. Continue reading