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I never really paid much attention to Facebook until of recently, Thursday the 12th of November to be exact. I remember seeing various Facebook statuses written along the lines of:

“To the students of color at Mizzou, we, student allies at [the name of the university the user is attending], stand with you in solidarity. To those who would threaten their sense of safety, we are watching. ‪#‎ConcernedStudent1950‪#‎InSolidarityWithMizzou

Prior to seeing the Facebook posts, I had already read news articles explaining the events that occurred at the University of Missouri. Despite this, I wasn’t aware that people were publicly announcing their position and support on the matter.

It’s surprising to witness such courageous behavior online, especially during a time in which people can receive feedback in support or disagreement? from people they know both openly and anonymously.

Through social media, it is undeniable that whenever a world crisis takes place, the world cannot help but come together and pay respects to those deeply affected.

I wanted to be a part of that; the coming together of the world and showing support. Therefore, I consequently posted the status I motioned above.

I don’t recall the last time I posted a status, I stopped doing so once I realized no one really cares that I feel excited to eat some apple pie. The older I got, the less I shared the results of the online quizzes I took, and the less I shared about what level I unlocked on a game I was playing at the time.

I have been a member on Facebook for a long time, since I was in sixth grade. I have noticed that my development as a person causes a change in the content I post or ‘like’. Initially, I used Facebook as a means to see what my friends from Switzerland were up to, and now, Facebook has become a way to check the world’s ‘status updates’.

For instance, Facebook has now allowed me to check and see

which ones from my friends were marked safe during the attacks of France and Nigeria and what articles / videos so – and – so posted are focusing on?

Though I am unwilling to admit it, Facebook has become a daily component of my life. While some see Facebook to be just another social network, Facebook has managed to become a pulse to Earth’s body, where users can have access to immediate access to information.