Superb Marketing Pays Off for ‘The Juice Truck’

Vancouver’s mobile juice company, ‘The Juice Truck,’ is prepping to open their first retail location and production plant on Fifth Ave. within the next few months.

Vancouver’s Zach Berman and Ryan Slater didn’t have business backgrounds before starting up their cold-pressed juice business. But they reaped the benefits and opportunities given to them by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation and Small Business BC, and are now getting ready to open their first retail location.

“One thing so many businesses fail at doing is [having] conversations,” says Slater, who then emphasizes the importance of connecting with individuals. The pair did exactly that, building relationships with local food bloggers, partnerships with yoga studios, and even a collaboration with foodie-entrepreneur Erin Ireland’s ‘to die for’ banana bread. The positive feedback led to the truck creating their line of juice cleanses – multi-day (healthy) liquid diets whose aim is to focus one’s energy towards rejuvenating processes rather than digestion (of solid foods).

According to their website, The Juice Cleanse’s goal is to help consumers feel better mentally and physically.

I love reading stories on small businesses and the long-term impact of good marketing. With their new storefront, they hope to expand their business by adding soups and sandwiches to their menu; which could bring about many new customers interested in a bite to eat to accompany their juices. Also on the list? Using their space to hold movie nights, yoga and nutritionist lectures. “We want to push our brand to be this health and wellness business rather than just juice-centric,” notes Slater.

Good branding? Check.

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