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I have some “learnboards” on Learnist on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Click the links below to see them (you don’t need to have a Learnist account to view the boards).

1. What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and How Can I Get Involved?

2. Open Access Journals in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (mostly focused on higher ed)

I also have a Learnist board on open access scholarly publishing, which you can find here.

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I have a blog on teaching and learning in philosophy, called You’re the Teacher. An RSS feed with excerpts of the most recent posts is below.

  • Open Case Studies project
    I am involved in an OER (Open Educational Resources) creation and sharing project called Open Case Studies that started about a year ago. I’m writing this post to give a general overview of the project to introduce it to new people who might want to participate. This post will generally follow the format of a […]
  • What needs improvement in Intro to Philosophy
      I am working on my Introduction to Philosophy course (PHIL 102) again; I’m teaching it next starting in January 2018. But I’ve just been appointed as the Deputy Academic Director of the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology at UBC (starting July 1, 2017) and so I’m trying to get as much planning done […]
  • Navigating open pedagogy, part 2
    This is the last (for now) in a series of posts over the last couple of days on open pedagogy. Previous posts: Part 1, where I do some not terribly focused reflecting on some recent posts on open pedagogy, as well as my own view before reading them (warning: long!) Part 1.5, where I consider: […]
  • Why define open pedagogy?
    This is a kind of addendum to my last post, where I did some summarizing of and reflecting on a few definitions of open pedagogy given on blogs and elsewhere lately. When I first heard about the flurry of blog posts on open pedagogy, and the disagreements on how to define it, I thought: why […]
  • Navigating open pedagogy, part 1
    In April 2017 there was a flurry of blog posts and a hangout about open pedagogy–various ways of defining it, thinking about it, etc. That was during a heavy teaching term for me and mostly I just saw that it was happening and read maybe one or two of the many blog posts at the […]