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Launch of New cIRcle Web Site

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new web design for cIRcle, UBC’s Information Repository at here at the University of British Columbia. New features and functions include:


  • “Image Carousel” – striking images linked to news items
  • “Did you know?” – quick facts about cIRcle
  • “News” – latest cIRcle & UBC news highlights
  • “Top 3 Items” – the three most frequently viewed cIRcle items

Functions (available since December 2009):

  • “Statistical information” – see and/or track item page views & file downloads
  • “Audiovisual streaming” – improved multimedia access
  • “File conversion” – convert from one file format to another
  • “Embargo feature” – access control management
  • “Campus Wide Login (CWL)” – via Shibboleth authentication
  • “Reporting Suite” – generate database usage reports

Who Re-designed the Site?

UBC Library staff worked closely with the Atmire company ( to re-design the cIRcle website. We would like to thank our Atmire consultants, UBC Library Systems & Information Technology and the many UBC Library colleagues, supporters, and cIRcle end-users for their contributions.

Wanted: Your Feedback

Have a look around cIRcle and be sure to contact us at if you have any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you!

Missed out on the above event? Click here to view it in cIRcle.

UBC Winter Games Event Series: Pecha Kucha and more coming to cIRcle!

From sport research and student involvement in the games, to UBC’s own Olympic tradition, the Pecha Kucha is a unique forum where the UBC community can participate in a visual dialogue on this broad topic. We invite you to come and learn about the vast array of UBC Olympics related activities in this high impact, visually stimulating format.

Originally devised by architects in 2003, Pecha Kucha was conceived as a place for young designers to meet, network and show their work in public. Each presenter allowed 20 images, and each image is shown for 20 seconds. Presentations are concise, which gives more people the chance to share their ideas, make thoughts visible, and create a crucible for meaningful conversation.

Above excerpt in italics is courtesy of UBC 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Secretariat website –


Visit cIRcle at: to see SCARP Graduating Projects .

UBC supports Vancouver’s greenest city plan with grants for students to work on green projects

One of the first initiatives is the creation of the Greenest City Action Team Scholars program, which will see UBC provide grants for 10 graduate students to help implement the Greenest City 2020 Plan.

UBC and the City of Vancouver have signed a multi-year agreement promising to work together on common goals of sustainability, climate action and a green economy.

UBC is offering its expertise to help Vancouver achieve its 2020 dream, adapting programs that have worked well at the university to meet the needs of an urban centre, said UBC President Stephen Toope.

Above Logo Courtesy of:

Above excerpt in italics is courtesy of Daily Media Summary from UBC Public Affairs’ webpage –

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