2 responses to “Crows: Not Simply a Nuisance

  1. I love crows. When I was little, a crow followed me home from the store. It had a broken wing and couldn’t fly, so my parents let me bring it inside. Soon, it had made it self at home, jumping around all over the place, demanding food, and sleeping on top of the cat. That crow became very beloved and lived with me and my family until it died. So I’ve always had a soft spot for crows, but I’ve only recently learned just how intelligent they are. The above video is an incredible example. If you want to spend more time learning about how smart these birds are, check out the below TED talk from a fellow crow lover.


    From that talk, a really interesting point is that crows are so incredibly smart and resilient because they have had to outsmart our numerous attempts to eradicate them.

  2. Interesting! I read another article about the intelligence of crows a long time ago as well about this very topic and how crows are able to use multiple novel tools correctly on the first attempt to obtain a food reward. I seem to recall this aptitude with tools is only true for the female crows in the study. It is still absolutely amazing what those crows can do though… and I suppose the extent they have they torn my lawn apart is also amazing in a more unpleasant way…