One response to “The Future of Robotics; or Your Future Nightmare

  1. When I initially watched the video for the first five seconds I thought it was a person, this new robot is very realistic! I find it interesting how part of this research is to explore how humans react to the robots and also to explore how people from different cultures react and perceive these robots. Usually with such experiments the researchers are more concerned with the robots accomplishments, not with the social reactions to these robots.
    Seeing this reminded me of movies such as Terminator or Bicentennial Man and how these realistic robots had artificial intelligence. I looked up artificial intelligence on Wikipedia to see generally where it is at now in the 21st century. It is not a straight forward topic; there are many things to consider, like defining what intelligence even means. ( )
    I personally find the idea of mixing artificial intelligence and such realistic robots as a little eerie. Maybe the movies will become real life situations.
    Thanks for posting this, cool topic!