4 responses to “Vancouver’s Earthquake: Our Own Risk

  1. It’s reassuring to know that there are mini earthquakes happening all the time that we don’t notice, “the big one” may not be as huge as it’s made out to be (at least I can hope). The fact the pressure may be released by mini quakes is interesting, is there any scientific support for this? The image of earthquakes from the past month is really cool, where did you get it? I’m a bit confused since the dates go till March 18th and this post is from the 16th.

  2. Ever since moving to Vancouver, I have heard the
    news about the “Big One” coming. That, it could happen
    now or in two hundred years. However, earthquakes doesn’t happen frequently in Vancouver and soon the fear dulled away. My most recent memory of earthquake is the 6.5 Magnitude one in Nov 2009. The quake was due to the grinding of two parallel plates, the Pacific and North American plate. You can watch the A news footage here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTjWegpvulw&feature=related
    With even the best science, earthquakes are extremely hard to predict. Eventhough timing of the earthquake is still unknown. More recent studies are starting to narrow the ambiguities. The paper suggested by A news reporter can be found here. http://www.geodesy.cwu.edu/about/pubs/2009GL040465.pdf
    Just like the author of the blog said, the earthquake zone off Vancouver Island is a subduction zone, and can cause a lot more damage. I am glad to hear that there were frequent quakes during 2008. However, I kind of wish there are more earthquakes we could feel. We need more reminders to get things (preventative measures) done.

  3. Very interesting and insightful blog entry about earthquakes. I remember that I was always taught and heard that a ‘big one’ will be coming to Vancouver anytime soon. I have experienced a minor earthquake when I was in middle school and I remember that no matter how many drills that you do, that sense of fear and panic that arises when the first tremor occurs will always be remembered.

    I’m very intrigued and is curious about whether the smaller earthquakes that have occurred in 2008 had help alleviate some of the pressure that have built up in the plates that are locked up right now. If some of the pressure have been released, how much has been released and is a large earthquake still impending? The next logic question would be whether this large earthquake will cause large tsunamis that could be detrimental to areas that are near and farther away from the coastline of BC.