One response to “Caffeine Can Lead to Type-2 Diabetes

  1. This is an interesting article, and it should be concerning for the many adults that consume caffeine on a daily basis. Even though I am not one of them, caffeine can still be found in various products ranging from coke to candy. Hence, the general population probably consumes more caffeine than they are even aware of. It would be ideal to know how much caffeine a person would need to drink in order for it to be considered an increase risk for type-2 diabetes. Furthermore, information about the maximum amount of caffeine a person should consume within a certain time period could also be mentioned. I also found it interesting that researchers found an association between consumption of fat and coffee in regards to an increase risk for type-2 diabetes. This is especially important since most people consume caffeine in the morning along with their donuts and cookies which can contain a lot of potential fat. I am interested in seeing what type of data further research can produce.