Conflict Theatre Program


Welcome to the Conflict Theatre Community of Practice online space, where members can share ideas and experiences on how to use Conflict Theatre strategies in their work and view program updates. This site will help you navigate about our face-to-face skill development sessions, rehearsals, and performances. For questions reach us at

Rooted in respect for the tradition of Theatre of the Oppressed, created and developed by Augusto Boal, and framed by the UBC context, we strive for system and individual transformation, guided by the following core values:

  • Respect for the Lived Experience of all individuals
  • Empathy for those with whom we find ourselves in conflict
  • Courage in embracing uncertainty, discomfort, and risk
  • Beginner’s mind: openness, eagerness, and a suspension of preconceptions
  • Awareness of self, others, and context


Conflict Theatre uses theatre techniques to practice constructive engagement with conflict so that we can gain the courage we need to do so. It is a collaboration between Human Resources and the Department of Theatre and Film. Check out our “Tradition” page to find out more about what Conflict Theatre is and explore its rich history.


To find out more about how your department can welcome Conflict Theatre@UBC for a skills development workshop or performance, please visit our website. For questions and to book services, please e-mail us at