Zara’s Marketing Strategy


The fashion company Zara has a marketing strategy that is quite unique. Zara only spends about 0.3% of their revenue on promotion. This would be the reason Zara does not appear on television or poster advertisements. Zara focuses heavily on their product, place and pricing as opposed to promotion. Zara rarely advertises any store sales or  have sales promotions other than sale items unlike other retailers.  It is also interesting to note that Zara never places their brand or logo on their products. In contrast to local retailers like J2 Clothing, Zara’s sales associates do not need to focus on personal selling. Their customer service within the store is rather weak. It is their innovative products and affordable pricing that keeps customers returning to their store. Their products seemingly advertises itself.

In addition, Zara has remarkable logistics and they are able to get a product from design to the shelf in just two weeks. With such efficiency, they are able to produce thousands of new designs a year. In fact, Zara produces new products every week as said on their website. Zara is known for their fast fashion, which means popular products may disappear off the shelf within days, forcing customers to constantly check for new items.

Zara also markets it’s brand through rapid expansion. With more than 1,500 stores around the world in over 70 countries, they open around 150 new stores every year. With the brand becoming world renown, the company is also focusing on sustainable marketing by opening stores which consume 30% less energy compared to the average conventional store. The new stores also save 50% of water consumption and maintains their CO2 emissions below 150 toms a year.

It is no wonder a Louis Vuitton spokesperson described Zara as “possibly the most innovative and devastating retailer in the world”.


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  1. jennydi says:

    Thanks Conrad, good entry with lots of facts. Continue to work on bringing your voice and observations into the blog as well!

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