Module 2 | Post 2 List of interesting films

In the second article for week 2 by Faye Ginsberg (, there is a reference to Sak Kunuk.  In a search for his work, I came across this list of film works that were collected as part of Travelling with the Ancients exhibition of video by indigenous directors.   The Museum of Modern Art in New York is the leader or host of this show but I could not find a reference to the films on their site.   I have started a list below references of the videos I have found.  Please add any that you find as well.  It would be interesting to have a list of videos from this course.

Link to Museum of Modern Art Film Exhibition document:


Ginsberg, F. (2002).  Screen Memories: Resignifying the traditional in indigenous media. In F. Ginsberg, L. Abu-Lughod, & B. Larkin (Eds.), Media worlds: Anthropology on new terrain. (pp.39-57) Berkeley: University of California Press.

List of films found:

  1. Tuqliaq (Ice blocks).
  2. A Dancing People.
  3. Quilliq (oil lamp).


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