4.5 – Kreyol to be Used in Haitian Schools

When self-determination and representation come to mind, Language seemingly plays a huge role. It is a tricky piece as well, since so much of the academic content out there is in English. However, it is fundamental to establishing a real representation of the community. Haiti is making shifts to teach nationally in Kreyol versus their colonial adopted language, French.

A Creole Solution for Haiti’s Woes

It does not sound like the content and pedagogy used in Haiti represent the place well, but moving towards adopting their native language is a huge shift.

As an aside… Language is a tricky thing. Despite Kevin Costner’s best efforts to create Dances with Wolves using predominantly Sioux, they lost authenticity by using a single language for male and females… whereas the Sioux have two forms of speaking that are gender dependent.

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