Module 1- Post 4: “Indian Country Today” News Site Paul Waterlander

Using technology to harness the power of amplifying Indigenous issues is the goal for the Indian Country Today website.  This is a one-stop site for all interested in seeing what is important to the Indigenous people mostly focused in North America, but also venture to other global locations.  The reporters and columnists are Indigenous.  This is an important distinction.  News for, and by, Indigenous people.  The stories I browsed were a scattering of all topics.  They cover legal matters ( U.S. treaty rights), protests ( Idle No More), historical ( the real Pocahontas) and political cartoons (First Nations cartoonist Marty Two Bulls) and entertainment (an interview with Indigenous actor Adam Beach.)

Indian Country Today is an important source for any looking for the genuine and authentic Indigenous point of view about the world today.





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