Research Interest: Race Relations/Dynamics in Saskatchewan

For my research paper, I would like to explore the climate of race relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and communities in Saskatchewan. This interest has been triggered by recent provincial news events and court cases involving current racial issues that also have historic roots, such as the Colten Boushie shooting and Gerald Stanley trial. Within my examination of race relations, I will make connections to the role of social media in shaping the current circumstances and the implications of the intercultural dynamic on education and youth, as well as how both social media and education could be used as transformative tools to improve the situation. In my online teaching environment, a segment of my students come from First Nations cultures and are pursuing distance education for a variety of reasons, including bullying, remote locations, and a desire for a more flexible learning environment. Additionally, I would like to work right in Saskatoon eventually, and the city has a large First Nations and M├ętis population. Developing a better understanding of the current climate and its origins will enable me to better understand these students and be able to support them in their learning on their own terms. Additionally, this understanding will better enable me to explore such social dynamics more effectively with all of my students, working to help them become more open and understanding young people. As a resident of this province, I feel that it is my responsibility to become more aware and become better able to promote positive change. The University of Saskatchewan Indigenous Studies Online Library will be the starting point for my research, as it contains both historic and current resources compiled by a panel of respected researchers and cultural leaders. As someone who was not born in Saskatchewan, it is my hope that this research will enable me to better understand the more localized issues and envision realistic and relevant steps forward and the role that I can potentially play.

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