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Module 1 Post 1 – Aboriginal Filmmakers

I was very interested in the Ginsburg article which talked about aboriginal filmmakers.
The National Film Board has a page discussing the history of aboriginal filmmakers and the NFB. This page also features a selection films at the bottom of the page.

This is a study that was completed about Canadian and international aboriginal filmmakers. It provides a bit of background to Canada’s aboriginal history, a summary of recent accomplishments in the field, and the current state of the industry.

I also looked up the production company begun by Rachel Perkins that was mentioned in the Ginsburg article.


1.1 – Freedom Ride – Blood Brothers

In Media Worlds – Screen Memories by Faye D. Ginsberg I was intrigued by what the videos referred to as the Blood Brothers Series would be like. This short clip below offers a strong perspective about the degree of racism and disconnect Aborigines in the 60’s must have faced.

Clip from Blood Brothers – Freedom Ride by Rachel Perkins