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Entry #14: Canadian Native Law Cases


This database of Native law cases between 1763 and 1978 was compiled by researchers at the University of Saskatchewan Native Law Centre in the 1980s. Although it only includes cases up to 1978, it has the potential to be a strong resource for examining the legal side of the interactions between the Crown and First Nations and Métis populations that have influenced more contemporary perspectives, attitudes, and situations. The main page of the database does provide a link to another external database that contains information about more recent cases. The case records can be either browsed from a list organized by volume or searched using key words, making the database user friendly for various types of research.

Norval Morrisseau Legal

Norval Morrisseau Legal

A blog  by Ritchie Sinclair, who describes himself as a Morrisseau protege, that details the lawsuits filed on behalf of those pressing the claim that there are many Norval Morrisseau counterfeit paintings.  Some of the lawsuits are filed against the hosts of the websites Morrisseau hoax exposed and the Norval Morrisseau blog.  This appears to be a blog that is used to publicize the counterclaims to the other Morrisseau websites.

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