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Teaching the Medicine Wheel – The Canadian Educators Association

Teaching the Medicine Wheel – The Canadian Educators Association

This post from the Canadian Educators Association (CEA) introduces the concept of the medicine wheel and explains how the approach can be used to create  a culturally relevant educational process for aboriginal learners and demonstrate a holistic teaching approach to all learners.  The approach acknowledges the holistic nature of aboriginal education and a balanced approach to learning and change.  The resource acknowledges that the medicine wheel has many interpretations because the concept is shared across many aboriginal communities who describe the wheel in slightly different ways.  The resource describes the practical application of the medicine wheel by describing the Anishinaabe Bimaadiziwin Cultural Healing and Learning Program whose teachings were designed to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self based on the medicine wheel.


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Brendan Clark

Moving Beyond by Brent Stonefish

Stonefish, B., & Kechego, J. (2007). Moving beyond: understanding the impacts of residential school. Owen Sound, Ont.: Ningwakwe Learning Press, c2007. . [Library catalogue: E96.5 S75 2007]
The author states the three major points he covers: “to go beyond the historical trauma of residential schools; state the impacts that affect our learning, education, and family relationships; [and] highlight constructive methods to healing and developing healthy individuals, families and communities.” To do this stonefish uses the medicine wheel as illustrating such topics as the Creation, values, circles of responsibility and rights.