BC Teachers Strike, no Picket Line, Public on Side

Once again on the leading edge of the labour movement, BC teachers are on strike across 60 school districts within the province.  In a show of solidarity, community and labour advocates have vowed to support the teachers and the BCTF throughout the job action.  On day 1, teachers and supporters showed up in force at 7:00 to create an informational line, keep signs up, and talk to those who dropped by or others workers continuing their work in the schools.  The 7:00-10:0o shifts in Vancouver were met with inclement conditions– horizontal rain and howling wind. The weather spirits smiled on later shifts and heartfelt, with the public on their side, the teachers could smile for a few moments as well.

BC Teachers at U Hill Secondary

Within labour, an informational line is not a picket line per se.  Labour disruption proves to be an effective strategy and in this case the teachers are taking advantage of an opportunity to show their strength, generate public support, and strike before the BC Legislature passes the ominous anti-union Bill 22.  The BC Federation of Labour is rallying support and uniting the movement tomorrow (6 March) in Victoria.

One response to “BC Teachers Strike, no Picket Line, Public on Side

  1. chris bilodeau

    im not happy how the teachers are dealling with the strik taking it on the childrens.Not fair for them not to see there report cards and see how progressive they are.Taking there fun activitys at end of the year its so sad they deserve to go to them worked hard all year and what they get as a reward nothing very sad not right so wrong wishe they stop that cause it wont work aint getting any suport why should they suport teachers wants more money so how the hell you can put extra help for exrea teaher would make more sense it should be for the children to not gready teacher , do some math 15 percent wage increase adds up alot maybe should had asc for 7 to be reasonable or wait for the next one you all had increase last time well anyways please stop punishing the childrens they have nothing to do with your dispute

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