Culture Jam

This is an advertisement from Belvedere Vodka’s 2012 campaign.  It consists of an smirking man grabbing an women from behind with force. The struggling women’s shocked expression, in addition to the text “Unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smoothly” implies that the man is forcing her to have sex. Indeed Belvedere really tweeted a rape joke in their vodka in their advertisement. The advertisement could be trying to either convey the message that if you drink enough vodka you will have the audacity to rape women, or that if you use their vodka to render a women too drunk to say no so you can have your way with her. Both messages are equally horrible.  It only makes things worse that  they didn’t even include an photo of their vodka, as if they just wanted to tweet the twisted joke.


In my jammed ad I will be addressing  that sexual assault shouldn’t presented in a lightly manner to sell vodka. It is a serious matter. I kinda had to change the original photo completely and designed a new message based of the old one.


In the new advertisement, instead of an man grappling an women, I chose a photo of a person behind bars. The reason for this is to remind people that those who commit sexual assault will face jail time under Canadian law. Unlike the original ad, I actually included an photo of Belvedere’s vodka. After all, whoever is behind bar will likely need it to help them temporaily smooth out the rough realities of prison. Also because advertisements should actually include the product.

I also changed the original message of “Unlike some people, Belvedere always goes down smoothly” to “Unlike some people, sexual assault victims will not stay silent”. While keep to the same format as the old message, the new one serves two purposes. First it serve as a warning to those considering sexual assualts, that victims will come forth in court and press charges. Secondly it serves as an encouragement. According to the study done in 2015 by Laura C. Wilson and Katherine E. Miller from the University of Mary Washington, 60% of rape are unacknowledged by the victims.

At the bottom left of the new ad I added 2 new messages. First one is “Drink responsibly. Ask for consent”. The message is self explaintory, and it meant to counter the underlying message implied by the original ad, which was implying that if you drink enough vodka you will be drunk enough to commit sexual assault. The second message, “Belvedere Vodka cannot undo horrible traumas or give consent” is meant to tell that it if someone is passed out from too much alchohol it does not mean they are giving consent. It is also trying to convey negative effects assault can have on the victims.