Culture Jamming Assignment

The ad I chose was from Nike Basketball’s Witness campaign of 2007. The specific ad I chose is of LeBron James going for dunk and in writing it says “We Are All Witnesses”. What that means is that we are all witnesses of James’ athleticism, power, and his playing technique and that a player like him wears Nike products.

For my edit I chose to replace LeBron James dunk shot with a young women working in a Nike sweatshop. I replaced the quote “We are all witnesses” to “there are no witnesses”. Many of these popular brand name products are made in developing nations, where these “sweatshop” factories are set up. Many individuals, young and old, are victim to these factories because this may be the only way they can help their families survive. I chose this image because it does not look any different from a regular shop however that is what they are made to look like on the outside. The reason I chose the quote “there are no witnesses” is because even though millions of individuals wear Nike products and probably see this ad and right away can recognize LeBron, they rarely question who is making these products. Inside these factories individuals are barely paid $1 US dollar for their hard work and many times they work extra long hours without any breaks. Recently in Vietnam, many of these factory workers came forward to report that they had suffered from wage theft and verbal abuse as well as working in extreme conditions such as the temperature being above 90 degrees. However, Nike denied these claims (article). Rarely are there any witnesses that can confirm on how these individuals are being treated, therefore since there are no witnesses, no one is guilty. A typical pair of Nike shoes is around $120, however it took less than $5 dollars to make it. The message that I am trying to convey is that what we in the western world pay hundreds for; we are actually exploiting the underprivileged individuals in these developing nations.


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