Running To The End of Time

It’s become apparent to me that I’ve haven’t yet blogged about one of the things most dear to me: running, that is. For me, the oft-heard refrain that ‘university is a time for exploration’ takes on literal meaning. What better way to see the treasures of UBC, of which there are many: the tranquil trails of Pacific Spirit Park, brimming with verdure and sublime beauty; the spectacular view of the North shore mountains from Main Mall; even the plop-plop of the rain, which, oddly enough, provides a comfortable white noise that takes my anxiety and flushes it away in little streams of watery rivulets.

Of course, how could I forget the sunsets by Wreck Beach? Even when the fog is penetrating as it was today, there’s a special quality to my oceanside runs. Perhaps it’s the presence of negative air ions by the ocean that contributes to this particular euphoria (according to Guy Cramer, inventor of the Passive Negative Ion Generator, negative ions – naturally abundant in natural settings, such as forests and oceans- contribute to feelings of well-being, while positi ve ions -found indoors and in offices- make you anxious). In particular, there’s an awesome trail -going from Wreck Beach (Trail 6) to Trail 7- filled with obstacles, wooden bridges, huge fallen tree trunks, and the like (pictures to come!). Lot’s of people know about the infamous Wreck Beach Stairs, but in my mind, the trail is the real show-stopper. Today, I discovered it filled with children and their parents alike, and I couldn’t help but marvel as the kids gracefully hopped along, while I struggled to keep on my feet, as well as stop myself from sliding into the muddy abyss. But no one said that adventure comes easy..

I have a feeling that sunrises would be just as special, if only I could get up early enough to catch their brilliance. I’ve been a super night-owl thus far, but who says it’s too late to make a New Years Resolution? Lend me your secrets, early-risers of the land!

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